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AESSEAL® offers a variety of seals, systems & bearing protectors for your pump applications.


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Component Seals
Standard component seals available with various metallurgies and elastomers.

Scusi Seals
A short externally mounted cartridge seal, with flush ports and self aligning faces.  Sizes from 1.000" to 2.750".

Convertor II Seals
This cartridge seal is designed to replace two part component seals and conventional packing arrangements.  Sizes from 1.000" to 4.000".

These seals are self-aligning with balanced faces.  Used in ANSI applications.  Sizes from 1.000" to 6.000".

This hybrid design offers a metal to metal inboard drive and an integral bi-directional pumping device, allowing the seal to fit into radial cross-sectional spaces as small as 0.312" (8mm).  Sizes from 1.000" to 4.000".

SMSS Seals
A single cartridge stationary seal with modular monolithic seal faces.  Sizes from 1.000" to 6.000".

RDS Seals
The Radially Divided Seal has been designed to be the quickest to install two part seal currently available in the market place.  Ideal application is clean, cool fluids which are non-hazardous and with minimum corrosive potential.

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T05 Seal Kits for Flygt Pumps
AESSEAL offers seal kits for Flygt submersible pumps.  Kits include upper/lower seals, bearings & o-rings.  Special tools not required!

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LabTecta Bearing Protectors
Protect your bearings with these high quality bearing isolators.  Superior sealing compared to standard lip seals.

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MagTecta Bearing Protectors
Protect your bearings with these high quality magnetic double faced bearing isolators.  This is the top of the line bearing protector.

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Seal Support Systems
AESSEAL® offers seal support/water management systems to conserve water while extending seal life!  The Seal Support systems maintain a cool, clean and stable fluid film between the sealing faces.



WRAPflex Couplings

Coupling Guards

Gauge Guards

Mechanical Seals

Bearing Protectors


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