About US

Phoenix Pumps Has Always Been About Helping Our Customers Succeed
Having our customers' backs providing you with fluid handling solutions specifically engineered for efficiency and profitability — has always been our focus.  We work with the world's top fluid technology manufacturers so our customers get innovative equipment that makes a real difference in performance and help reduce total cost of ownership.

Anyone can sell equipment.  What sets us apart is the people behind the equipment, our track record of proven performance, and our willingness to share our expertise to help you perform better.  We show customers how to improve their process to increase efficiency, save energy, and reduce downtime.

One Company, A Multitude of Fluid Handling Solutions

This is about you. You getting better results and save time when you don't have to coordinate multiple vendors. Yes, Phoenix Pumps has equipment; but we also engineer sophisticated pump skid systems, provide full service and repair capabilities, and offer corrosion-resistant metal and concrete coatings.

More Than Equipment; We Share What We Know

Our goal is to help you and your employees understand your equipment and processes better.  We do this during our day-to-day discussions and also through our training, resources and industry information...all to improve your knowledge of fluid solutions.

Service Pros Get In, Get Out and Get It Right

The Service Pros at Phoenix Pumps are factory-trained and have experience installing, starting, and repairing all types of fluid handling products. The focus of every repair is to find the source of the problem, address it, and ensure it doesn't happen again. We stand behind our work with a 1-year warranty.

A Brief History

Founded in 1985 by retired Lieutenant Colonel Don Vise, Phoenix Pumps began as a pump supplier.  Through the years of solving customer problems, the business has grown significantly.

Today, led by the founder's sons, Brandon and Jason Vise, we're one of the Southwest's leading providers of fluid handling solutions with over 50 employees.  The company serves a broad range of markets, providing pump skid system design, equipment sourcing and selection, fabrication, machining, installation, field service, and repair.