1724 Control Valve Packing Kit

PTFE Sealing System for Air-Operated Valves

Chesterton 1724™ Low E Control Valve Kit is specifically designed to be used on pneumatically-actuated control valves. It should be installed in conjunction with Chesterton Live-Loading to ensure effective long-term sealing over many cycles. This product is best suited for services in which sealing fugitive emissions is required.​

The kit contains all parts necessary to repack the valve in the field with Chesterton's Live-Loading system. It includes:
  • 1724 5-ring, die-formed PTFE packing set
  • Pre-cut carbon spacer(s)
  • Pre-engineered live-load assemblies
  • New gland studs and nuts​​
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Chemical ResistancepH 0-14 except for molten alkali metals, elemental fluorine and strong oxidizers
Pressure Limit3,000 psig
Temperature Limit400ยบ F
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