5800E Control Valve Packing Kit

Low Emissions Sealing in High Temperature Applications

Chesterton 5800E WedgeSeal™ Control Valve Kit is a combination packing set that uses Chesterton's unique wedge-shaped, die-formed sealing set along with our 477-1 braided carbon-end rings. This control valve kit has been proven to seal to extremely low VOC emissions levels. Reduced stem friction ensures that the valve will respond to system changes more rapidly and precisely.

The 5800E Valve Kit contains all parts necessary to repack the valve in the field with Chesterton's Live-Loading system. The set includes:
  • Chesterton 5800E packing set
  • Pre-cut carbon spacer
  • Pre-engineered live-load assemblies
  • New gland studs and nuts
All packing rings and spacers are cut to allow installation without removal of the valve actuator, simplifying the valve repacking procedure in the field.​The Live-Load assemblies are easily identifiable by their uniquely shaped outer guide, and are simple to install and use. The assembly easily fits over the stud and the gland b​olt is tightened until the flat washer is flush with the top of the outer guide. No torque wrench is required!

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Chemical ResistancepH 0-13
MaterialsDie-formed, high-purity graphite
Pressure Limit3,600 psig
Temperature Limit1,050ยบ F
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