DualPac® 2211 Severe Service Slurry Packing

Chesterton® DualPac 2211 is built to address these issues by combining two complimentary materials in one packing. Using our patented braiding technology graphite filled ePTFE can be placed against the shaft where it provides superior sealing and low friction, and a high strength and resiliency aramid is placed against the stuffing box bore to resist consolidation without shaft wear.  Both lab and field tests have shown that DualPac requires fewer gland adjustments, resulting in drastically extended life in severe service applications.

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Chemical Resistance​pH 3-11
MaterialsExpanded graphite PTFE filaments and durable aramid yarn
Pressure Limit20 bar g (300 psig)
Shaft Speed10 m/s (2000 fpm)
Temperature Limit260° C (500 ̊ F)

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