DualPac® 2212 High Performance Packing

Chesterton® DualPac 2212 is created using ​our patented DualPac Technology,  which combines a burn-resistant material on the packing’s shaft side with a highly resilient outer fiber. This formulation creates a unique, long-lasting packing that ​uses the gland load more efficiently and achieves a reliable and quicker break-in period.  This ability keeps the packing internally loaded against the rotating member while, at the same time, resisting burning and shaft scoring. DualPac 2212 gives users peace of mind in the toughest sealing applications.

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Chemical ResistancepH 3-11
MaterialsSynthetic polymer fibers with lubricants and blocking agents
Pressure Limit35 bar g (500 psig)
Shaft Speed10 m/s (2000 fpm)
Temperature Limit35 bar g (500 psig)
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