Vertical Turbine Pumps

By concentrating solely on the vertical pump product line, Floway has become a dominant force in today's highly diversified market. Over 70 years of experience have provided Floway with the expertise to manufacture a versatile line of vertical turbine pumps for a wide range of applications. Floway is a division of Trillium Flow TechnologiesTM.

NSF61 coatings available upon request.

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Flow Rates to40,000 GPM
Heads to6930' TDH (3000 PSI)

Options & Accessories

Connectâ„¢ Equipment Monitor
Simplified Equipment and Process Monitoring for Pumps and Sealing Systems ​​​Chesterton Connect is a simple to use data acquisition tool that enables you to safely and co...
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Dripgard VTP Lubrication & Protection System
Hoffmann & Hoffmann Dripgard is the ideal tool to protect your Vertical Turbine Pump lineshaft bearings from running dry. Mounted at the outlet of the oil tank, the Dripgard ensures that the oi...
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Dripmaster Vertical Turbine Oil Lubrication System
The Dripmaster is a vertical turbine pump oil lubrication and monitoring controller. The Dripmaster is designed to extend the life of oil lubricated vertical turbine pumps, while reducing well contami...
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155 & 255 Cartridge Seals
A Flexible Mechanical Seal for Plant-Wide Use The Chesterton 155 & 255 cartridge-style seals are the perfect seals for all of your general-purpose plant applications. This simple ...
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442C Split Cartridge Seal
Simple, Fast Installation and Greater Sealing Reliability The Chesterton 442C™ Cartridge Split Seal combines superior seal performance with the ease of installation of a cartridge se...
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