8500 Series Fiberglass Vertical Turbine Pumps

As the leader in corrosion-resistant fiberglass pumping equipment, our Fybroc brand confidently delivers solutions designed to handle corrosive liquids and optimize efficiency and performance. These solutions are tailored to your difficult corrosive or abrasive pump challenges.

The Fybroc brand Series 5500 Vertical Sump Pump is engineered to provide exceptional structural integrity, excellent corrosion-resistance and dependable service in the most difficult chemical or waste sump environments. Our innovative designs make it a perfect choice for handling tough applications such as chemical wastes of varying pH, plating wastes, circulation of spent pickling solutions, electrolytes or nickel plating baths, salt water or brine, marine applications (e.g., de-watering and barges/cargo unloading), and hundreds of other difficult sump pump services.

Through years of experience and nineteen sizes available to fit your specific requirements, we confidently deliver high-quality, corrosion-resistant pumps designed to handle corrosive liquids with optimized efficiency and performance, ensuring a long life and trouble-free operation.

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ConstructionFiberglass Reinforced Vinyl Ester Resin
Discharge Size6" to 8"
Flow Rates to1,700 GPM
Heads to70' TDH (30 PSI)

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