Goulds 3700 Pump

3700 Single-Stage, Overhung Process Pump

Goulds model 3700 API 610 (OH2) (ISO 13709) centerlined mounted process pump designed for optimum reliability. The Goulds 3700 employs state-of-the-art mechanical design features for sustained reliability and performance. 

Design Features:

  • API-610 - Full compliance with 10th Edition.
  • Tangential Discharge - Maximum hydraulic efficiency.
  • Finned Bearing Frame - Accommodates high temperatures without need for cooling water.
  • Seal Chamber - Meets dimensional requirements of API-610 and API-682.
  • Bearings and Seal Chamber Cooling - For extremely high temperature services.
  • Mechanical Design - Extra heavy shaft and bearings.
  • Back Pull-out Construction - Designed for one craft maintenance.
  • Dual Volute Casings - 3-inch discharge and larger.
  • Impeller - Multiple closed impellers for most casing sizes.
  • Centerline Support - High temperature stability.

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ConstructionCarbon Steel, 12% Chrome, 316L Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, S. Duplex Stainless Steel
Flow Rates to8,500 GPM
Heads to1200' TDH (519 PSI)
Temperatures to800° F

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