Goulds CV 3196 Pump

CV 3196 i-FRAME Non-Clog Process Pumps

The CV 3196 i-FRAME is designed specifically to provide superior performance for process services containing solids. Goulds concentric volute casing with recessed open impeller provides non-clogging capability with minimal solids degradation. In addition, the CV 3196 i-FRAME can handle liquids entrained with air or gas.

Design Features:

  • Concentric volute casing for non-clog, minimum wear
  • Recessed impeller for minimum solids degradation
  • Patented TaperBore™ / BigBore™ seal chambers
  • i-FRAME power ends
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ConstructionDuctile Iron, CD4MCuN, Alloy 20, Hastelloy B&C
Discharge Size2" - 6"
Flow Rates to2,700 GPM
Heads to440' TDH (190 PSI)
Solid Sizesup to 6"
Temperatures to500° F

Options & Accessories

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