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Digital Dosing Pumps

The Grundfos SMART Digital range operate according to the superior principle of electric motor drive with precise, mechanical diaphragm control.  SMART Digital pumps have very long service and maintenance intervals, significantly lowering pump life-cycle cost and contributing to disruption-free, reliable dosing performance.

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ConstructionPVC, PVDF, Stainless Steel
Flow Rates to278 GPH
GRM CapabilitiesMonitor & Control
Pressures to2900 PSI (6699' TDH)
Temperatures to200° F

You can use the Grundfos Dosing Skid System Configurator to design your own solution.

Options & Accessories

Corporation Stops
Neptune Corporation Stops with injection quills are used for injecting chemicals pumped by metering pumps into tanks, mains, cooling towers, and process systems. Quill extends into the center of the ...
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Dosing Tanks
Cylindrical dosing tanks are available transparent or black in seven sizes between 40 and 100 l. Square tanks are available transparent for 100 l. Square tanks allow the assembly of two dosing pumps.A...
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GRM Remote Management System
Internet-Based Remote Management System With this secure and reliable remote management system, you can monitor and manage your pump systems from an Internet PC at a very low price. Grundfos Rem...
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Hybrid Valve
The new patent-pending Hybrid Valve™ from Blacoh combines the steady flow control of a pulsation dampener and the regulation of a back pressure valve to deliver the performance and functionality...
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SENTINEL Back Pressure & Pressure Relief Valves
Prevent siphoning and stabilize dosage rates with SENTINEL Diaphragm Back Pressure Valves Diaphragm back pressure valves are designed to enhance the performance of pumping systems by applying a ...
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SENTINEL Calibration Columns
Blacoh SENTINEL Calibration Columns or Cylinders will enhance your feed systems by allowing verification of the flow rate of the feed pump. CNC machined ends Clear tube for easy GPH reading Sea...
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SENTINEL Diaphragm Seals
Without proper protection, hazardous and corrosive process fluids regularly contaminate and damage system instrumentation. The strength and durability of the Blacoh SENTINEL Diaphragm Seals protect an...
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SENTINEL Injection Quills
Blacoh SENTINEL Injection Quills are used to provide safe delivery of chemicals into pipelines. The quill end ensures the dispersion of the chemicals away from the pipe wall. The integral spring loade...
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SENTRY Pulsation Dampeners & Inlet Stabilizers
The Blacoh SENTRY Series line of pulsation dampeners, surge suppressors and inlet stabilizers will reduce pressure spikes in a fluid process system caused by positive displacement pumps, while protec...
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