Dripmaster Vertical Turbine Oil Lubrication System

Oil lubrication controller & monitor for vertical turbine pumps
The DripMaster (EDD series) – is an active gravity-based control and monitoring lubrication device specially designed for vertical turbine pumps and in use in various industry applications where gravity-based lubrication is preferred.

The DripMaster’s is designed to maintain a constant oil drip rate while reporting back to the SCADA and shutting down the pump in case of lubrication risk.

By stabilizing the oil drip rate, the DripMaster solves the oil drip rate instability caused by the following problems:
  • Oil viscosity variations.
  • Oil hydrostatic pressure variations.
  • Oil dirt particulate blockage.

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Dimensions (W x H x D)20.35" x 11.3" x 3.6"
Drip Rate Alarm Settings20, 25, 30, 35, 40 dpm
Drip Stabilizing ToleranceFrom x-1 to x+2 dpm (where x is thepreselected drip rate)
Drip Volume50 drops per 1 cc
Duty Cycle60 secs count; 6 secs freeze
Oil Inlet / OutletMale thread ¼” BSP
Oil On / Off Solenoid24VDC; 24VAC(optional)
Output Alarm Relay Contact125 VAC - 0.5 A; 110 VDC - 0.2 A; 24 VDC - 1 A
Output Pump OK Relay Contact250 VAC - 10 A ACI; 110 VAC - 10 A ACI;110 VDC - 0.3 A; 30 VDC - 10 A
Supply Voltage115 VAC, 10 VA or 24 V AC/DC; 220 VAC, 10VA or 24V AC/DC
Weight11 lbs.
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