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PumpSmart® PS220

The ITT PumpSmart PS220 provides the next level in intelligent pumping by using a standard variable frequency drive and directly embedding pump specific algorithms onto the drive.  The PS220 drive is a microprocessor based Direct Torque Controlled (DTC) adjustable speed AC drive.

Sensorless Technology

Using speed and torque data from the motor and modelling the pump performance curve, PumpSmart is able to calculate the flow and total dynamic head generated by the pump without instruments.


Determining the flow of a centrifugal pump can be a challenging exercise without a flow meter.  PumpSmart is able to capture real-time data such as speed, torque and power and use this information to calculate the flow and head of the pump.

SmartFlow requires only four pieces of performance curve data points.  A self-calibration function takes into account changes in mechanical losses and volumetric efficiency, and separates the true hydraulic load to calculate the actual pump flow.  Use SmartFlow to maintain a desired flow or run your batch operation to pump fixed volumes without using an external flowmeter.

SmartTDH uses the same information to maintain a constant pressure without the use of any sensors.

Sensorless Pump Protection

With patented sensorless pump protection algorithms, the PS220 determines the operating point of the pump at any speed and provides critical diagnostic information such as operation in relation to best efficiency point and protection against upset conditions such as dry-run, dead-head, shut-off, minimum flow and run-out.

Multi-Pump Control

All too often, multi-pump systems end up running with all the pumps on, all the time.  This situation leads to high vibrations, pressure buildup and excess energy consumption... to name a few.  The PS220 can control up to 6 pumps and runs only the pumps necessary to meet the system demand.

Cavitation Control & Protection

Low suction pressure can lead to the onset of cavitation, resulting in reduced flow and lower pump efficiencies.  Prolonged exposure can even result in eventual pump failure.

PumpSmart can monitor the suction conditions of your pump to protect against cavitation.  Cavitation Control improves overall pump reliability in low Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) services that routinely cause pump failure.

Works with Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps

The PS220 is designed to work with many pump technologies including:
  • Horizontal Centrifugal
  • Between Bearing Centrifugal
  • Submersible
  • Vertical Turbine
  • Twin Screw
  • Rotary Gear
  • Progressing Cavity

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Goulds PumpSmart 220 Brochure
Goulds PumpSmart 220 Brochure
Goulds PumpSmart 220 Manual
Goulds PumpSmart 220 Manual

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