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EZstrip™ Progressing Cavity Pumps

The Moyno™ EZstrip™ Transfer Pump provides a quick and easy way to disassemble, de-rag, and maintain a PC pump in place, reducing maintenance time by more than 93% for significant cost savings. Distinguished by a patented split coupling, EZstrip™ Transfer Pump offers direct access to the wear parts and rotating assemblies without affecting the operational parameters.


  • Patented split coupling allows full removal of the drive train in minutes with no electrical disconnection required
  • Pre-assembled drive train available with 2-year warranty to allow faster reassembly time
  • Suction and discharge ports remain connected to the pipe work
  • Operational parameters are unaffected since design has no effect on flow and pressure
  • Low running speeds reduces wear for a longer working pump life; ideal for abrasive applications
  • Stainless steel cast components and fasteners provide corrosion resistance making them suitable for a variety of applications
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Flow Rates to727 GPM
Pressures to350 PSI (809' TDH)
Temperatures to212°F

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