Moyno™ Magnetic Drive Progressing Cavity Pumps

The Moyno™ Mag Drive series are the first progressing cavity wobble stator pumps to offer magnetic drives. The proprietary, magnetic coupling design performs well in hazardous applications and is effective with difficult-to-seal fluids. This ensures operator safety and protects the environment from contamination.

  • Patented, sealless technology provides zero leakage, preserving expensive fluids, eliminating hazardous work place conditions and protecting the environment
  • No mechanical seals are used, eliminating costly repairs
  • Pulsation-free, low shear pumping action maintains product integrity
  • No vapor locking when handling gaseous, volatile liquids
  • Four models from which to choose for application versatility
  • Various motor options available
  • Materials of construction include PVC housings
  • Stator materials include FPM with optional Nitrile and EPDM; Titanium rotors are standard
  • Skid mounted, turnkey systems are available for one-stop, hassle-free shopping, saving time and money

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