Augmentor Chopper Hopper

Sanitary Progressing Cavity Pumps

Sanitary Pumps
Designed to meet FDA requirements in a variety of food and chemical applications. Low-shear, non-pulsating Sanitary Pumps transfer shear-sensitive materials with a minimum of turbulence or stress.

The AugMentor® Pump Stuffer handles high-viscosity materials otherwise unpumpable by conventional means. Materials in excess of 1,000,000 cps, such as cold processed meats and bakery dough, are easily fed by the AugMentor's slow-speed, bottom-drive auger.

Chopper Hopper™

Moyno™ has created a food products processor that combines solids reduction and transfer pumping into one efficient unit. The patented Chopper Hopper™ is a unique and aggressive solids reduction pumping system that reduces whole produce - papayas, pineapples, pumpkins or any other fruits or vegetables - into an easy to handle puree or mash.

The Chopper Hopper™ provides fast, simple and effective handling of waste by-products. Up to three stages of solids reduction are available for coarse, medium and fine particle size.

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Flow Rates to345
Pressures to500 PSI (1155' TDH)
Sanitary Standards3A, FDA
Temperatures to240º F

Options & Accessories

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