Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps

The Neptune Series 500 "dia-Pump" is hydraulically actuated. Variable Oil By-pass stroke adjustment allows better valve performance than variable linkage designs. The valve checks have extra time to seat even in heavy liquids since they are idle during the by-pass portion of the suction and discharge strokes.

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Flow Rates to300 GPH
Pressures to4000 PSI (9240' TDH)
Temperatures to200

Options & Accessories

Back Pressure & Relief Valves
Back Pressure Valves maintain a set pressure at the pump outlet port (discharge) to assure accurate metering and are also used to prevent siphoning. A major benefit is assuring proper metering check v...
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Calibration Columns
Neptune Calibration Columns provide a fast, easy and economical means of checking the flow rate of your chemical metering pump. The most accurate test of metering pump flow rate is to measure the dra...
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Corporation Stops
Neptune Corporation Stops with injection quills are used for injecting chemicals pumped by metering pumps into tanks, mains, cooling towers, and process systems. Quill extends into the center of the ...
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Hybrid Valve
The new patent-pending Hybrid Valve™ from Blacoh combines the steady flow control of a pulsation dampener and the regulation of a back pressure valve to deliver the performance and functionality...
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Injection Quills
Neptune offers a variety of chemical injection quills available in PVC, 316SS, C-20, & Kynar.

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SENTRY Pulsation Dampeners & Inlet Stabilizers
The Blacoh SENTRY Series line of pulsation dampeners, surge suppressors and inlet stabilizers will reduce pressure spikes in a fluid process system caused by positive displacement pumps, while protec...
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