Cantilever Design Sealless Pumps

The Sethco brand ZDX / ZKX / ZSX Series bearing-free Cantilever Design Sealless Pumps are specifically designed for in-tank and out-of-tank use. They are built for heavy duty pumping of acid and alkaline solutions.

CECO Sethco offers a wide variety of top-quality pumps for use in a number of industries. With applications including chemical processing, tank recirculation/transfer, metal finishing, and parts/spray cleaning booths, experts rely on Sethco pumps. You can trust Sethco Pumps to be dependable, safe, and efficient from day one. When it comes to reliability, Sethco is the industry standard.

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ConstructionCPVC, PVDF
Discharge Size1/2" to 1-1/2"
Flow Rates to185 GPM
Heads to124' TDH (54 PSI)
Temperatures to240° F
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