Internal Gear Pumps

The internal gear pumping principle was invented by Jens Nielsen, one of the founders of Viking Pump. It uses two rotating gears which un-mesh at the suction side of the pump to create a vacuum which pulls fluid into the pump. The spaces between the gear teeth transport the fluid on either side of a crescent to the discharge side, and then the gears re-mesh to discharge the fluid. We are an authorized stocking distributor for Arizona & Nevada.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable and Easy to Maintain - Only two moving parts.
  • Adjustable End Clearance - For low or high viscosities, high temperatures, or to compensate for wear over time.
  • Shaft Seal Options - Including packed gland, lip seal, component seal, cartridge seal and sealless mag drive options.
  • Porting Options - Viking's broadest selection of port locations, configurations, and types.
  • Minimal Pulsation - For accurate flow measurement.
  • One Shaft Seal - More reliable and lower cost than two used on timed lobe and screw pumps.
  • Compact, Close-Coupled Options - For motor speed operating or with gear motors.
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ConstructionCast Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel, Steel
Discharge Size1-1/4" - 10"
Flow Rates to1,600 GPM
Pressures to250 PSI (578' TDH)
Temperatures to800° F
Viscosity Range28 to 2,000,000 SSU

Options & Accessories

Flexible Seal Options
Viking offers a wide range of sealing options including packing, mechanical seals & O-PRO™ barrier seals. ...
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O-Pro™ Barrier Seals for Viking Gear Pumps
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Lid-Ease® Basket Strainers
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Bolted-Lid Strainers
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Basket Strainers
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Inline Gear Reducers
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PumpSmart PS20 Shaft Power Monitor
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