Now There's a New Industry Standard For Bolted AODD Pumps - With No Repiping

 Wilden® Advanced™ FIT AODD pumps feature superior flow rates and easier installation compared to other brands. And they "fit" bolt-to-bolt and pipe-to-pipe within existing fluid-handling piping systems.
Wilden Advanced FIT Features and Benefits
Higher ROI -

  • Exact fit from bolt-down footprint to inlet/discharge connections - Reduces installation costs.  Eliminates repiping expenses.
  • Re-engineered fluid path drives higher performance – Up to 45% higher flow rates vs. Original™ Series and up to 37% higher flow rates vs. Advanced Series*
  • Bolted product containment – Provides superior containment, sealability and ease of maintenance.
  • Available with Wilden Pro-Flo X™ or Pro-Flo® SHIFT Air Distribution System – Up to 60% savings in air consumption over competitive AODD technologies.

Easier Installation -

  • Fewer fasteners and easily accessible with power tools – Up to 73% reduction in fastener count and up to 72% faster assembly / disassembly yielding shorter downtime**.
  • Flexibility in aligning the wetted path assembly through lateral adjustment of the manifolds- Easier installation into poorly piped systems.

Wider Variety of Fluid-Handling Applications -

  • Features 316 stainless steel, aluminum, & cast iron wetted paths and largest selection of genuine Wilden diaphragms - Offers greater diversity in fluid compatibility including exceptional performance for abrasive applications.
  • ADS center block options include aluminum, nickel-plated aluminum, stainless steel or polypropylene

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* 1½” pump comparison

** PS800 vs. PS830 comparison

*** 316 stainless steel versions available in late 2014

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