Wilden offers the largest breadth of diaphragm shapes, sizes and material offerings in the industry.  They have refined AODD pump diaphragm technology with major innovation breakthrough, extensive destructive testing and comprehensive critical analysis.  As a result, Wilden has taken diaphragm science beyond yesterday's standards to bring you more durable products that will reliably stand up to oil, chemicals, acids and other aggressive fluids.  Wilden has also focused on sanitary applications by pioneering new hygienic, FDA-compliant diaphragms with enhanced flex life and durability for significant savings in labor and downtime.

Traditional diaphragms can have the normal tendency to wear between the outer piston and the diaphragm.  This is caused by product entrapment between the outer piston and the diaphragm.  Abrasive materials can cause an increase in wear.

 Wilden's Integral Piston Diaphragms (IPD) are a one-piece diaphragm solution that eliminates this potential premature failure, thus increasing diaphragm life without sacrificing performance.  It also eliminates a potential leak point and increases containment and safety when pumping critical or dangerous fluids.

Chem-Fuse IPDs are available in Wil-Flex to hold up against acids, caustics and other aggressive fluids.  Pure-Fuse IPDs are available in FDA Wil-Flex and FDA Saniflex, which make it ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications.  IPDs are available for sizes 1" to 3" and can be retrofitted into existing pumps or ordered with new pumps.

Chem-Fuse Diaphragm Flyer
Pure-Fuse Diaphragm Flyer