ANSI Pump Power End Upgrade Promotion

Improve reliability by upgrading your ANSI process pump today!

For a limited time, Phoenix Pumps is offering special pricing for upgrading your power end.  The i-FRAME is a robust full featured power frame that is designed to be a direct replacement with your existing power end without any modifications to the rest of the pump or drive equipment.


  1. i-ALERT2 Equipment Condition Monitor displays flashing red LEDs when vibration or temperature parameters are exceeded.  Bluetooth connection to mobile devices & tablets for data logging and trend analysis.

  2. Inpro VBXX-D SS hybrid labyrinth oil seals for sealing in harsh environments.

  3. Premium severe-duty thrust bearings for longer service life.

  4. Optimized oil sump design provides better heat transfer for reduced oil temperature and longer bearing life.

  5. New, factory built, severe duty power ends are backed by a 5 year warranty!

This Power End upgrade is available for the following pumps:
  • Griswold 811
  • Summit 2196
  • Older ITT Goulds 3196 Designs

Literature Downloads:
Power End Upgrade Brochure
i-ALERT2 Equipment Monitor Brochure

This offer applies to businesses and municipalities located in Arizona and New Mexico and is good while supplies last.

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