PS220 Variable Speed Pump Controller

PumpSmart provides real-time control and protection of your pumps while also providing valuable process insight. By protecting against unplanned pump failure due to process upsets, we can keep your process running longer and eliminate unplanned repair activities. By Right-Sizing your pumps to your system, we can reduce not only your energy consumption, but the wear and tear on your process system.

  • SmartFlow - Maintain a constant flow using internal calculation (sensorless).
  • SmartTDH - Maintain a constant TDH using internal calculation (sensorless).
  • Pressure - Maintain a constant pressure to a set point.
  • Flow - Maintain a constant flow to a set point.
  • Level - Maintain a constant level to a set point.
  • Temperature - Maintain a constant process temperature to a set point.
  • Multi-Pump Pressure Control - Automatic lead-lag sequencing. Balances load between pumps.
  • Pump Protection - Sensorless pump protection based on calculated flows. Prevent cavitation with a system upset.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity - Use your smartphone or tablet to easily access drive parameters
For Use with Centrifugal and Positive displacement Pump Technologies:

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Enclosure RatingNEMA1, NEMA12, NEMA3R, NEMA4, NEMA4x
Horsepower Range1-2250 HP
Input Power200-240V 1PH, 200-240V 3PH, 380-480V 3PH, 525-600V 3PH
MountingWall / Cabinet
Multi-Pump ControlYes
Multi-Pump QuantityUp to 6 Pumps (With Separated Drives)
Operation ModesSmartFlow, SmartTDH, Maintain constant pressure, flow, level & temperature
Rated TemperatureUp to 104° F
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